iQFlowTM : Revolutionizing espresso making.

Research by the Sensory Institute at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has proven correct Franke’s claim of providing smarter coffee extraction.


Inga Schäper

Head Coffee Competence, Franke Coffee Systems

A result everyone enjoys.

The iQFlow™ technology promises a smarter extraction process, using constant pressure to release more flavor and allows the creation of highly individual flavor profiles. A real revolution in traditional espresso making. But can these claims be scientifically proven? To tackle this question, iQFlow™ has been tested by the leading Swiss institute for scientific research, the specialist sensory analysis department at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), along with the help of an expert panel. The results were astounding – the experts agreed on almost every point.

In the study, a panel of judges, including experts from the coffee industry, Franke, and sensory analysts from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, assessed the sensory profile of 12 coffee samples in a scientifically recognized taste test. The test was conducted blind to ensure objectivity, with the samples judged on aroma, flavor, texture, and aftertaste. The results clearly show that using iQFlow™ allows more flavors to emerge and individual flavor profiles can be developed.

The testing panel was particularly impressed by the number of completely different flavor profiles achieved from just one coffee roast, and the same grind level, using different iQFlow™ settings.

It was also proven that iQFlow™ really is a smarter solution. A solution that can benefit the industry and, above all, every individual coffee drinker. Patrick Koller, Chief Marketing & Digital Innovation Officer at Franke, summarizes the positive results: “First and foremost, it is the consumer who is the winner, because life is too short to drink average coffee.”

You can find detailed results from the sensory assessment carried out in conjunction with the specialist sensory analysis department at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), in the White Paper.