How a coffee roaster gained 600 customers by ensuring quality all the way to the cup.

The Show Roastery Aarwangen has succeeded in establishing itself on the coffee market in just three years, thanks to consistently high quality and new technologies.


Michel Aeschbacher

Co-Owner, Die Showrösterei Aarwangen, Switzerland

Why coffee consistency is the most important constant.

Awareness of good coffee has increased dramatically. Michel Aeschbacher and his business partner, Kaspar Wyss, know that only too well – if you want to compete in the coffee market today, top quality is an absolute must. The same goes for consistency – the quality has to be right, from the unroasted beans, to the roasting process, extraction, and right through to the final beverage. This means a lot of effort and expense, which isn’t always easy, especially for small suppliers

But the Show Roastery Aarwangen has proven that it can be done. Not only does it put top-quality beans at the heart of its business, it is also open to new technologies and believes in continuous development – all in the name of product improvement, of course. This openness also led to the roastery finding out about the iQFlowTM technology in new Franke systems. It offers exciting ways to achieve a new level of consistency.

Impressive choice. Espresso you'll love.

iQFlowTM consistently provides the best results without any extra work – the perfect espresso. It also means that just one type of coffee is enough to create a wide variety of different sensory profiles. A broad range of beverages can be offered without the need to change the beans and risk consistency.

Coffee experts save time, allowing them to focus on their core business of producing excellent coffees. And developing closer relationships with their customers and partners.

My opinion of iQCircle.

“This collaboration and the resulting, incredibly positive relationships with customers and technology partners have, of course, massively contributed to our development and therefore also to such exciting growth.“