Learning from Pantelis Stavropoulos:
How to double coffee sales and boost core business.

The “My Stop” petrol station in Affoltern am Albis has increased revenue from coffee sales by 47%.
That’s all thanks to a new coffee concept that has boosted the core business at the same time.


Pantelis Stavropoulos

Head of Operations, MY STOP petrol station, Switzerland

How a rest area became a coffee shop to attract new customers.

When Pantelis Stavropoulos learned that he had a new competitor near the highway rest area, he reacted immediately. He needed an idea that would not only prevent any future loss of revenue but would also actually increase existing sales. The Head of Operations chose an unusual strategy – a new coffee concept.

As a trained Barista, he knew the pull effect of exceptionally good coffee. Visitors love it – wherever they drink it. The new coffee station and branded coffee concept are now in place. The intuitive touch screen allows customers to create their own customized coffees themselves. Even better – thanks to iQFlow™, the quality and consistency of the coffee is guaranteed, so the customer’s coffee experience is just as good as if they were in a coffee shop. What does all that mean for the core business of the highway rest area?

The concept is a success, customers love it.

Coffee consumption increased by 41%. In just four months, 23% more cups of coffee were sold daily, even though the price per cup rose by more than 60 Rappen. Proving that customers value a wider choice and better quality.

The simple, self-service coffee system has helped reduce personnel costs and staff now have more time for customers. More people are visiting the store and spend longer there. Naturally, this means that the adjacent core businesses are also benefiting. So, all in all, it has been a great success for the whole rest area.

My opinion of iQCircle.

“Nowadays, the market changes so quickly that there is less and less time to work out good strategies. As a result, communication between manufacturers, customers and partners is extremely important. I need to have someone I can turn to directly if I have questions, ideas, and problems and, at the same time, I am of course interested in how other businesses behave in similar situations. This means I can respond much quicker and successfully adapt my products and services. This communication is worth its weight in gold.“