Create and evaluate individual taste profiles – in the iQFlow™ Taste Profiling Workshop.

More flavor: The iQFlow™ Taste Profiling Workshop is perfect for participants who want to explore and experience for themselves the possibilities created by smart coffee extraction.
Together, we will use a variety of IQFlow™ settings with coffee roasts brought in by the participants, or provided by Franke, to develop individual taste profiles. The beverages we create will be blind tasted and evaluated in accordance with the methods of the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences). The results will then be discussed with the aid of tables and diagrams.

  • Development of individual taste profiles using the roasted coffees of the participants.
  • Introduction to the intelligent coffee extraction iQFlow™.
  • Joint development of individual coffee taste profiles using the participants’ (or Franke’s) roasted coffees and various iQFlow™ settings.
  • Tasting of the beverages (coded, blind) according to the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences) method by all participants.
  • The individual results are recorded using a tasting form, presented in tables and diagrams, and the results discussed jointly.
Basic coffee knowledge required